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The Bucharest Centenary Project is a project developed by the Sector 5 City Hall, being the largest urban development leaded by a local authority in the last 30 years in Romania – 1.6 million sqm built area.

The site is located inside Bucharest, only from 4km to the city center. It is serviced by tram and bus lines from the north and south and it is very close to the existing Bucharest Metro extension (M5). It covers an area of 95.6 hectares and it is owned entirely by the Sector 5 City Hall.

The Bucharest Centenary Project represents an urban development vision for the Antiaeriană area, based on sustainability, medium urban density, compactness and mixed functions, for a new developing community. The new neighborhood sustains a polycentric development focused on a smart system of transport connected to the city center. Also, it is integrated into the current context by expanding infrastructure, establishing the centers of interest and creating the public spaces for the community.

The masterplan is designed to accommodate 10.000 dwellings, more than 70.000 sqm commercial areas, 300.000 sqm in office buildings, educational facilities (4 schools and 6 kindergarten), 480.000 sqm of green (50% of the land). Another 30.000 sqm are dedicated to health facilities.

The basic concept aims to integrate the functions into a green space system, transforming the urban atmosphere into a modern one, specific to a green and sustainable neighborhood.

In the first stage the Sector 5 City Hall will realize the main streets and the urban infrastructure, the public transport network and the green areas. Following the vision of Bucharest Centenary Project, the further urban development phases contain six functional areas, accommodating more than 30.000 inhabitants:

1. Bucharest Centenary Boulevard is an important missing part of the median ring of Bucharest City Center, being a priority, and includes more than 6.800 apartments, a variety of mixed use functions and also more than 100.000 sqm green areas.
2. The Business District is located in northern area of the site and it represents the economic power of the new neighborhood, with more than 300.000 sqm developed area for offices and services.
3. The Centenary Esplanade represents a 37.000 sqm pedestrian area and deserves 176.000 sqm, dedicated to health facilities and education.
4. The Multipurpose Sport Hall Zone has an area of 130.000 sqm, with training areas, recreation and sport grounds near to the Multipurpose Sport Hall (5500 seats). Also, the fourth zone contains more than 4500 green parking places.
5. The fifth area (6.2 ha) is dedicated to social housing and collective housing, including a 2.6-ha public garden.
6. The sixth area are dedicated to individual and collective housing, with 15.8 ha surface.

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Investments Opportunities

Bucharest is the fastest growing capital city in the EU, and has registered a faster annual growth rate between 2000 and 2015 that Singapore in its period of fast economic expansion (1965-1980). In 2015 Bucharest had a GDP that was higher that of seven EU countries (including Croatia, Slovenia and Lithuania) and had a GDP per Capita that was higher that of Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Lisbon and Athens. It is one of the most dynamic cities in the world right now.

Around 4 million people live within a one-hour driving distance of Bucharest, and around 50% of Romanian firm revenues are generated in this area. However, the area has not developed equally. Sector 5 is responsible for 50% of future developments opportunities, having a number of competitive advantages that make it one of the most attractive investment areas of Bucharest, Romania and the EU.

A number of strategic connective infrastructure projects are being undertaken in and around Sector 5, which will make the area more attractive for investors. The Drumul Taberei Metro extension is close to being finalised; a new inner ring road is planned for development – the Centenary Boulevard, part of Bucharest Centenary Project; the first Bucharest ring road will be extended in the South Area to four lines; a second ring road, at highway standards is planned for development in the following years, facilitating the connection of Sector 5 with the future Airport South of Bucharest, announced by Romanian Government; two park and ride facilities are planned in Sector 5 and close to Sector 5 and two rapid metropolitan bus systems are planned in the area, being part of the Bucharest Sustainable Mobility Plan.

The “Antiaeriană” area – the area where the Bucharest Centenary Project will be developed in a PPP program, is the largest contiguous piece of land in public property, owned by Sector 5 City Hall. It used to be a military area, which now was transferred to the local public authority. The site is only 11 minutes by car (4 km) from the city center, it is close to the Bucharest Metro extension and it is serviced by tram and bus lines from the north and south.

The “Măgurele” area and the Sector 5 CBD, situated in the south of Sector 5 district, represents two strategic land reserve, largely in private property, close to the 0,5-billion-euro R&D investment in the Măgurele Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics Compound – the largest laser infrastructure in the world, representing an area where strategic investments in further R&D infrastructure and innovative companies are anticipated in the next years.

Project Phases

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